New Year, New Blog

OK… so I had another blog on blogger… actually I had two. One for me, one for the cat. When blogger did their big switch over I switched Cosmo’s blog (the cat – first. Little did I know when I switched my personal blog that the cat’s profile information would be the only one the account supported! AACCKK. Oh well… it was sort of a lame little blog anyway and it is a new year… so I’m ready for a new start. Welcome to my new blog… UNDER DEVELOPMENT. I chose this name for a couple of reasons. First off, I work in Development. Basically I raise money for non-profit organizations which is the “development” department. A few years ago when I worked with a really cool group of women there were four of us in the department and we always talked about getting t-shirts with “Under Development” on them. Never did though. We also talked about writing a book… didn’t get around to that either. The other reason I chose this is I’m constantly realizing the my life is in fact a work in progress and will be until I expire.

I’ve been off work since December 21st. Over 10 days off… not bad. Tomorrow it’s time to go back. I’m not ready. For one thing my days and nights have gotten a bit mixed up so the alarm in the morning is not going to be a good thing. For another I had a second interview today with a company that would be my dream position. I can actually see retiring from this company and that’s not something that I thought I would think at 36. Most in my profession stay about 5-7 years then jump. If I got this job I think the company would grow with me and I wouldn’t need to look… not to mention I love the thought of the job enough that I’m not sure I could do anything else after. I’m keeping my fingers crossed along with several of my good friends, you’re welcome to cross yours as well. If I get the job I’ll be a lot more specific about it.

Jim was off with me last week and it’s the longest we’ve had off together since our wedding. It was nice to just hang around the house and run around the city and do things with no set schedule. I’m not so sure Cosmo and Harley liked us being home so much… it seemed to have thrown their schedules off. So tomorrow everyone can get back to their schedule.


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