Fashion Navidad

This is a layout I did of my niece from this Christmas. She’s 14 and totally into fashion and technology. I myself am not a huge fan of the stores she likes but it’s Christmas, and she’s 14, and she does need to find her own style – even if her own style is dictated by the style of her friends. It’s an awkward age and I don’t envy her for it. I joke with my family that I break out in hives whenever I shop for clothes for her… the sweatpants weren’t even hemmed! My grandmother who was an expert seamstress is probably rolling over in her grave… if she were here she’d be chasing Erika around with pins and demanding just five minutes to get a hem in those pants. The technology part I can get a bit more on board with. The camera wasn’t a fashion color but it was 6 megapixels… the fashion color ones were only 5. She didn’t seem to mind.


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