Sunday Productivity

After a totally miserable Saturday… sleeping late from being up all night Friday scrapbooking and then getting waylaid by a headache I knew I needed to be productive today. We got up and went to Starbuck’s for our Sunday Morning Coffeetime and to read the paper. We got home and both went out into the backyard with Harley to try and run off some of her energy… it didn’t work. We came in and started picking up some, got the living room vacuumed… two black furry children and cream colored carpeting.. enough said! Then I got sidetracked by Harley. Harley is six months old now and pretty demanding of attention when she wants it. Christmas eve she discovered golf balls in the garage and has been smuggling them into the house every chance she gets. She loves to catch them in her mouth when you throw them. I thought it had to hurt and didn’t want to break one of her teeth but the tennis balls are still too big for her to catch. So, this afternoon I trained her to catch her treats in her mouth. She loved it! And she was good at it. So much for productivity for me!

I have a meeting for work in a couple of hours so I better get some stuff together for it. I thought I’d have a chance to do it yesterday but apparently my body had other ideas. Our weekends are definitely too short.


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