A Happy Family

OK… I know it’s beginning to look like I’m the poster girl for Heather Ann Designs… this is her Fa La La Kit and another of her QuickFill templates. Well… since I’m the only one in my family who does digital scrapbooking… or paper scrapbooking for that matter… they’re impressed. What can I say… it’s quick and dirty, I like that. As I get more used to Photoshop I’ll have some more original postings but for now… it’s template city baby! Maybe I’ll find more templates by other designers to change it up a bit.

Tomorrow is Monday. UGH! I have an 8:30am Development Committee meeting double UGH! At least it gets it out of the way early in the week, but it means I need to be in the office at 7:30am – 8:00am at the latest… I’m NOT a morning person. Add that to the hour and a half meeting I had to attend tonight and it should mean me getting home EARLY tomorrow. I hope! If I do that should mean I change clothes and head to the gym… at the very least we’ll take Harly for a mile or so walk.

Stopped at Target tonight and picked up these Flamingo sheets for my Mom. Last year I got her pajamas out of the exact same material. She HATES yard flamingos so it’s kind of become a huge joke that is probably getting out of hand but really, what truly is out of hand? I decided instead of giving her the sheets I’m going to ship them to her with no clue of who they came from. Of course, I’ll be the first suspect given my past track record but I’m going to deny any knowledge of such things and find out exactly who she calls in pursuit of the truth.

While at Target I also got an I-Lamp for my work area in the basement. Slowly but surely the I-Pods are taking over our lives… we have I-Home, I-Blaster and now I-Lamp. I-ll enjoy it.


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