Day Called on Account of Weather

They called work today at 10am so I’m home. I brought stuff home with me to complete over the weekend but I have four days now to complete it so I’m not feeling really motivated to get it done. It’s snowing/icing here right now and depending on what weather forecast you listen to it could get pretty bad. So I’m home. Hubby coming home as soon as he can after stopping at the store to lay in supplies.

Harley is totally being a six month old puppy today. I just put her down for a nap because she was just getting too wild. I’m plopped on the couch in front of the fire getting ready to do some scrapping, I hope. I also need to print some pictures this afternoon for some cool new frames I found at Target.

I’ve called my Mom and checked in with her. I also called my 95 year old grandmother and she’s doing fine. She’s got a hair appointment this afternoon but it’s in the building. She’s from the era where you get your hair done every week. Friday is her day. She finally started having it done in the retirement complex that she lives in.

Off to try to be creative.


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One response to “Day Called on Account of Weather

  1. MissHuniBuni

    cant wait to see your creations

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