Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. He truly is a wonderful man. He does more than most men I know around the house. He does all the cooking and grocery shopping, the majority of the laundry… the only thing he won’t do is clean the bathrooms. However, he does have his moments. Last week we did our weekly trip to Target. Toilet paper was on our list. When we got home I asked Jim to put toilet paper in the bathrooms… not a hard task, there are only two bathrooms. Apparently his idea of putting toilet paper in the bathrooms is opening the door and chucking a four pack near the toilet. That way when I use the bathroom I can open the pack and put the toilet paper on the roll and the extra rolls under the sink. Well… I don’t use the hallway bathroom that often. Apparently someone left the door to that bathroom open giving Harley the opportunity to Carpe Charmin – seize the toilet paper. I discovered this the other night when she came racing into our bedroom with a roll of toilet paper in her house. She ran through the door, jumped up on the bed, skidded to a stop, did a quick 180 and raced out the door. I followed to find that she had redecorated the living room/dining room. It appeared she had been having quite the time. I tried to explain to her that usually when you teepee a house it’s the outside, not the inside, she didn’t seem to understand.


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