Perhaps I Post Too Soon

It’s been a pretty lazy Sunday here. Renee has a cold and the weather is being flaky so she’s not coming for dinner, we’ll try to go out Wednesday before she leaves on Thursday. I finally decided to take a shower about 5 since I was feeling kinda grungy after cleaning the house. I got out of the shower and heard Jim ordering Harley out of the kitchen. Then down the hallway he came with a scowl on his face. Didn’t take me one second to figure out… he was fixing dinner… she had stolen a steak off the counter… he was NOT happy. In her defense, she has darn good taste… Omaha Steaks – filets to boot. I finally reasoned with him, she’s a dog, you left a steak on the counter where she could get to it… of course she took it! She is now in the proverbial dog house with her Dad. He’s now thawing another steak. I’m laying low in the living room.

Here’s a layout I did today of Jim’s last birthday. The paper and embellishments are from the Man oh Man kit by Jasbeanie Designs downloaded at and the layout is Tiffany by Miss Kim downloaded at


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