Frustrating Day

We had the day off today for the King holiday. We’re off tomorrow because it’s so cold and we don’t want the children out on a really cold day…. plus some of the side streets are slick.

The cold is wreaking havoc on things around the house. There are some things that need to be repaired but it’s too darn cold to do it. The explorer was frozen solid today when I went out to defrost it. I should have cleaned up the garage that Harley destroyed to put it in Friday but didn’t. The wipers took forever to defrost. I was afraid for a bit that the motor had burned out and was happy that wasn’t the case. Of course, Jim left for Iowa this morning. I thought he’d scoop the driveway before he left but he didn’t. I did most of it today and will finish it tomorrow. We didn’t have a lot of snow but we did have sleet and it’s icy as can be so I want it scooped off so it doesn’t just refreeze.

In the midst of dealing with the house and car I stopped to check my e-mail to find out I didn’t get the job I applied for. It’s a bummer but hey, it was only my dream job. If I didn’t get it that means the universe has someting else better in store for me. Whatever it is, it’s gonna have to be a doozie to make up for not getting that job. The good news is my current job is closer to home, I get more paid time off, I have snow days and the new boss and I are really getting along well.

I got the bedroom picked up tonight. Tomorrow I just need to vacuum. The living room, which I vacuumed yesterday is a wreck again today and will have to be vacuumed again tomorrow. All thanks to Harley. I swear she’s had cabin fever today… don’t turn your back for one second because she’s off grabbing something to shred. She is darn quick! She started barking about an hour after I put her in the kennel tonight and I gave in and let her out. She’s now asleep at the foot of the bed… snoring! I thought with Jim out of town the bedroom would be snore free for a few nights.


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