You Rope Broncos…. Not Explorers

Today school was closed again. I work for a preschool for children with disabilities. Even though I’m not a teacher, I’m a fundraiser, when the center is closed no one has to show up. Generally I curl up with the laptop in front of the fire with the cat and dog and work. However, today was board meeting. Nothing cancels board meeting. So about 9:30am I ventured out. No problems getting to work. Board meeting went smoothly. I came home. Jim has been in Iowa all week and I haven’t left the house… and the driveway scooping fairies have not shown up. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I was wrong. I pulled into the driveway and could only get halfway up it because of the ice. Even though I drive a 4WD Explorer it’s just as useless as anything else on ice. Oh well… I decided to just park at the end of the drive, go in and change clothes and then scoop off the drive. I got out of the Explorer and took two steps towards the mailbox when the Explorer began to slide past me. In a moment of sheer stupidity I decided to grab on to it. I don’t know why… it’s a one ton vehicle… I know I’m heavy right not but I am NOT one ton. Luckily (?) the door wasn’t locked so it swung open. I say luckily because my feet were scrambling like that of a cartoon character running on ice and when the door opened it swung my momentum and I was able to grab the wheel and pull myself into the driver’s seat. I skidded across the street and stopped 6 inches from the lightpole. OK… not a problem, I’ll just turn around, park in front of the house, scoop the drive and then pull in. Small problem, the sides of the street were ice rinks. No traction on any tire. Frustrated, I call Jim. “Where are you?”
“I’m about an hour away near St. Joe”
“OK, you’re no use to me” (I word things really badly sometimes when I’m stressed)
“Um, I’m sorry, what did you need”
“The Explorer is stuck”
“Call AAA, where are you?”
“Sitting across the street from our house”
“OK, don’t call AAA… how did you get stuck across the street from our house”
So I explain to him what happened. He tells me there is salt in the garage. Great… I’ll just make me a big old margarita and be done with it.
I skipped the margarita (for then) got the salt, got the shovel, cleared the drive, freed the Explorer and came in and sat down… bad idea. Apparently I pulled a muscle in my back and the longer I sat the worse it hurt. Not good, we have dinner plans. My best friend is moving to Las Vegas and we have to have dinner tonight or I won’t see her. Jim got home, we went to dinner… I got my margarita (a pitcher actually). I feel better except for a twinge in my back.
I wish the ice would go away.
I think I’m going to have to work a whole day tomorrow too.


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