Sea World, The Riverwalk, The Alamo

If you couldn’t tell by the title of this post we’re thinking about a trip to San Antonio. Tentatively I’m thinking about Spring Break in April. We’ve got the airline tickets so the big thing now is making sure that Jim will be free the days I’m on Spring Break. If not in April we’ve got other opportunities in May and August when I’m on break… or we could use my regular vacation days.

I’ve never been to San Antonio but have been reading up on it and would really like to go. If we go in April Six Flags won’t be open but Sea World will. I could have dinner with Shamu… and knowing my penchant for photos we probably will.

Flat Anna arrived in the mail today. We’ve only got a week with her so Saturday we’re gonna have to get out and get the pictures taken. We could probably do some early Sunday too but Sunday evening we’re helping serve dinner at Ronald McDonald House so we’ll have to do some cooking in the afternoon…. Jim’s making chicken noodle soup, I’m making cookies or brownies. Back to Flat Anna. I didn’t realize that it becomes a mini-social studies report for me. We hve to write about the climate, deomographics and agriculture of our area. I’m also planning on sending a scrapbook of her adventures here. Got the first pictures tonight… Flat Anna asleep with Cosmo (the cat). Anna is Jim’s sister’s middle daughter but she wrote her letter just to me. I had to laugh. Jim looked at me and said she knows who the creative one is.


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