I guess I should be flattered…

But I’m not flattered. I’m pissed. One of the jobs I interviewed for that I didn’t get stole my ideas. I logged on to their website today to see if it is posted who got the job out of curiosity. I didn’t find the answer to that but I did find they had taken some of my ideas and put them into action. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I wish I could send them a consulting bill. It sucks. I couldn’t sit in the interview and when they asked if I had looked at their site and what I’d change say nothing. So I told them what I’d change. Apparently they liked it since it only took them a week to do it. Guess maybe they liked my ideas but not me. Bad thing for them is I didn’t have time to tell them all my ideas but I have figured out how to use them in my new job.

On a different note… Jim is sick. He announced this morning before going to the doctor that he thought he had bacterial pneumonia. “HuH???!!” I had no idea where he got that idea. Apparently he went on WebMD yesterday and that was his diagnosis. Fortunately, our doctor is not tied to the internet and he has diagnosed bronchitis and a sinus infection. He’s got some medicine and hopefully will mend quickly since he’s on the road Sunday.


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