He’s Still Sick

Jim is still sick today. He has got to be one of the biggest babies when he is sick. I know he doesn’t feel good but it’s a cough… get over it. I can hear you coughing, I don’t need a complete blow by blow afterwards of how much you coughed. He wanted to know tonight if he should call the doctor tomorrow if he’s not better. He just went to the doctor yesterday and got antibiotics… I think perhaps he should give it more than two days. I know part of my frustration is he and I are polar opposites when sick. Me – lock me in a room and let me die in peace, maybe look in once in a while to see if I’m breathing but other than that leave me alone. Jim on the other hand would prefer for me to curl up in bed with him… did I mention his hacking cough, oh yeah I want to curl up with you all sweaty and coughing, that’s attractive. It also doesn’t help that it’s an incredibly busy week at work, I’m worn out and the long hours don’t start until tomorrow.

At least it’s Top Chef night. I’m rooting for Sam. I think that Cliff was incredibly stupid last week to throw away his chance. However, I don’t think he was the only one at fault. I know Marcel is incredibly annoying but you’re not five anymore Cliff.

OK… so the cat is out of the bag, don’t tell my Mom but I get really into “reality” TV. Top Chef, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Real Housewives of Orange County, American Chopper, The Apprentice. Not so much into American Idol and Survivor.

Real Housewives mostly just pisses me off… sheesh those women are so shallow! I like to think if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be.

Tomorrow it’s a 12 hour day… early morning meeting then late at night for packet assembly for the race. Ugh! I can’t wait for next Monday!


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