I Do Love This Man

Wouldn’t you know it. My dear love brought the sick bug into the house so I got it too. Thursday I woke up feeling terrible! Scratchy throat, hacking cough. UGH!!! It was packet assembly day… I knew I was stuck at the office until at least 8:30pm… I can’t call in sick. Jim was staying home again so I told him to call the doctor and get a prescription called to the pharmacy by work for me. The prescription finally came through at 3:30. Packet assembly lasted until 10! I finally got home at 10:30. When I got home Jim proceeded to tell me about his day. “I couldn’t get comfortable. I could only nap for about an hour at a time then I’d wake up coughing…” Yeah, I know, sounds a lot like my day except I wasn’t able to nap at all. I didn’t even get to lay down. I swear to God I love my husband but if he hadn’t stopped telling me how hard his day was I would have had to kill him.

Friday got done with packet pick up and home by 6:30pm. Back to the office today from 8:30am – 2:00pm for packet pick up. JIm decided to go to the cigar shop about 3:30 for their event and poker tournament. He thought he’d be home by 4:30 or 5. He finally called at 5:45 to say he was still in the tournament he’d be home in another couple of hours. I got to feeling bad. He was out doing something he wanted to do and I should be there supporting him and cheering for him so I drug my tush out of bed and headed to the cigar shop. I got there just in time to see him go all in. He had ace queen, the other guy had ace king. The other guy wound up flopping a pair of kings so Jim was out. Great… the minute I get there he’s done. So we went to dinner and came home to cough in unison.

Tomorrow we have to be at the Subtropolis at 7am… ugh!!! I’m on photo duty which is good because it means I get to wander and mingle so I like that. It also means I can leave around 11:00 or 11:30 and still have all the shots I need.

Jim leaves for Springfield tomorrow afternoon so I’ll have three days with the fur kids to keep me in line. I also have to finish up our Flat Anna project tomorrow so that I can get her mailed back.


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