Another Run Down!

This morning was the 25th Running of the Childrens’ TLC Easter Seals Groundhog Run. I have survived! It was so cold today… 12 degrees! Luckily in the subtropolis it’s 65-70 year round. The last runner count I heard was 2904… incredible! It was at 2684 or something like that when we stuffed packets on Thursday night.

My event coordinator should be proud but tired tonight. She did a great job keeping all the balls in the air for this one and everyone I talked to had a great experience. Jim and I were on hand all morning to take pictures and help out however we could. There is one man who has run in all 25 races.. he’s 81. I got to visit with him some today as he was getting the VIP treatment he deserved. He asked me if I ran…. um, no! He told me not to worry he didn’t start until he was 55… something for me to look forward to in a few years.

Jim left for Springfield this afternoon for his class. He’ll be back Wednesday night. With either one or both of us being sick all week and the race it seems I’ve hardly seen him. I look forward to next weekend where we have no plans and can have some US time!

Harley is on the foot of the bed chewing on a rawhide. She spent most of her day in her kennel as I tried unsuccessfully to nap. Since Jim’s out of town there is a good chance she’ll stay in the bedroom all night… just depends on how calm she remains.

Tomorrow it’s back to the office to get ready for the Annual Meeting on Tuesday night. I’ll probably try to leave work a couple of hours early to come home and take care of some of the stuff that’s been neglected this week. I wanted to take off next Friday but I have a seminar that will last all day so that squashed those plans. Maybe the next week.


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