Miss Kim posted today on her blog about Digita Sweet Shoppe and that they were having a sale! This is just part of what I downloaded! Templates, papers, stamps! I can’t wait to get to use them. I realized tonight that we didn’t take a lot of picture last year. We covered kids birthdays, Christmas and the trip to DC pretty well but not a lot of the everyday stuff… other than the cat & dog! I’ve resolved to be better about that this year… of course it doesn’t help that I hate I’ve got a lot of extra weight right now so I shrug away from the camera… note to self, get over it!

I’m so glad Ilan won Top Chef! Marcel is just such a little schmuck! Sam totally saved Marcel’s fish dish and he was like “Sam helped” … helped my tush! Marcel was wetting his pants, blaming Marcel and Sam for forgetting the fish and Sam totally took control of the situation.

Tomorrow I have an all day conference and then it’s the weekend! YEAH!!! No real plans for this weekend other than to restore some reasonable semblance of order to this house. With both of us being sick last week, me working extra hours and Jim going out of town this place has really gone down hill.


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