Top Chef Finale

Tonight is the Top Chef finale. If Marcel wins I will never watch again, I swear! He’s such a little twerp. I still think this is fixed, I can’t believe Marcel went on before Sam.

It snowed here today and is cold, cold, cold. I left the office about 1:30pm so that I could run some errands and get home. Had to get Flat Anna in the mail today so it would be in Nebraska for Anna tomorrow. Of course the post office couldn’t guarantee delivery before 3:00pm on Friday so I had to go Fed Ex. The post office is such a joke for fast delivery…. it’s 3 hours away people and you’re telling me it’s going to take you 48 hours! I’m so glad Jim made it home ok on the slick roads. I’m also hoping I sleep better now that he’s home. Harley was a lot calmer today after Jim got home. They both curled up in bed for a nap… and were both snoring!

I’m wishing we will have a snow day tomorrow but know that it doesn’t like it’s going to happen. I would just rather work from home tomorrow… getting dressed seems like such an effort! Friday I have a seminar all day.

This weekend… no plans! Spend some quality time with my husband and get this house back in order!


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