Love This

I picked up a Dirt Devil Broom Vac the other week when I had a 20% off coupon at Linens N Things. Finally got it out of the box and plugged in today (actually Jim did). It works great! It’s so nice for helping clean up the messes that Harley makes shredding stuff in the dining room. So much easier to sweep up the hardwoods with this rather than a regular broom.

Speaking of Harley, she’s been amazingly good today. This morning she pretty much kept herself entertained. This afternoon we took her to Petco to get some new toys (10% off entire purchase coupon). We got her a ball that dispenses treats as she plays with it… she’s really liked that. The others that got great reviews she hasn’t been into as much but we’ll see.

We also got Cosmo some cat grass… he loved it! Put it up on the desk with his food and he spent at least 30 minutes sniffing it and chewing on it.

Tonight we’re home and the KU game is about to come on. Personally I could care less about basketball but Jim always gives me a nice foot massage when he watches the basketball games and with as dry as my skin has been I’m really looking forward to it.

Firmed up brunch with Mom tomorrow. Really looking forward to that. Tomorrow afternoon I have some work I brought home that I need to get done so next week goes easier. Then tomorrow night it’s the Super Bowl.


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