It’s Official!!!

We’re pregnant!!! After two long years of trying it finally happened… thus explaining the headaches and backaches earlier this week. Even though we did two home pregnancy tests yesterday my fear of perhaps this isn’t true kicked in so I sent Jim out for a third test this morning…. the one that prints out pregnant or not pregnant…. sure enough it came back pregnant! YEAH!!!

We are so excited. Jim is actually nesting, I swear! This morning he cleaned out the linen closet “because we need more room in there”; fixed the closet in teh room that will be the nursery, has cooked three homemade dishes “because you need a 2200 calorie a day diet of healthy food”; made me drink a nutritional supplement this morning the minute I woke up. It’s hilarious, we’re two weeks pregnant. He’s going to be a basketcase by October but at least our house will be in mint condition. Our “target” due date is October 23. Calling the doctor Monday to make an appointment and get a referreal to an OBGYN.


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