Flowers, Candy & Snow

Jim surprised me at work today with flowers and chocolate. I read a study from Finland that said women who ate chocolate every day of their pregnancy had happier babies… all for happy babies! Of course, working in an office with 50 women I had to hear the rest of the day how wonderful my husband is… I know! 🙂

Tonight I’m lying here in bed watching the snow come down and cars struggle to get up the hill. I wouldn’t be against a snow day tomorrow but I do need to keep my doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning so I hope the roads are clear. Kansas City is nortorious for doing a crummy job clearing our roads north of the river. You can really tell the difference when you cross into Gladstone.

It was raining when I got home from work and changed over to snow about 9. Harley of course loves the wet, sloppy yard and constantly wanted out tonight. Therefore I have a lot of paw prints to clean up since she doesn’t come in and sit for a minute so I can towel her off. She had to race through the room then come over to be toweled off.

Also need to get Jim’s Valentine’s Day gift tomorrow. I think I’m getting him some cigars. I’m not sure… this one just kinda crept up on me. I’ve made him a little year in review scrapbook every year for Valentine’s Day but he might get that late this year… we didn’t really take a lot of pictures this year.

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