Lazy Saturday

We’re having kind of a lazy Saturday around here. Jim’s Dad is in the hospital so he went by to check on him this morning before his doctor’s appointment… he still has this sinus infection that is hanging on. $91 in prescriptions later we hope he’ll be better soon. I laid around for a while before running to Target to get some stuff we needed.

When Jim got home he needed to go out and get a new shirt for his company’s diner tonight. It’s an ok function but it seems like they always have it on the coldest night of the year. While we were at Kohl’s we happened by the baby department and they were having an 80% off sale and I found some things for next winter. At 80% off I couldn’t resist.

After lunch we headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond because our shower shampoo dispenser apparently crashed in the middle of the night last week sending liquid soap and shampoo all over the shower. However, I can’t live without this little device it seems. It’s so convenient to have everything mounted on the wall and not having to have a lot of bottles in our small shower area. Jim found a great candle tray for our new shelves in the living room. I found a neck pillow with lavendar that can be microwaved to hopefully help with some of these headaches I’ve been having.

Got home and Jim is taking a nap while I veg out with some scrapbooking stuff. Pretty soon I’m going to have to go start getting ready for tonight. Personally I’d rather curl up with Jim tonight but politically going to the party is the correct thing to do.

The layout is of my niece’s 14th birthday. The template is Miss Kim’s Jessica, paper and embellishments are Cake and Candles kit by Heather Ann Designs.


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