Sunday Scrapping

I hate the fact that I have no energy these days. Not to mention I ache all over. They tell me in a few months I’ll have more energy but I’m hoping it’s sooner. It’s just too much to keep up with everything when I’m still tired all the time after sleeping.

They have moved Jim’s dad home from the hospital. Jim’s mom and brother decided that he had a stroke on Thursday and enacted a DNR as well as discontinued all feeding, fluids, blood pressure medication and insulin. But apparently he’s not in a persistive vegetated state. He still talks and asks for his dogs. It’s just weird. Anyway, we got a call this morning that his mom is having a big family dinner tonight and we are invited. Oh goody! I already won’t be going on the grounds of I refuse to be around this woman. Jim called him mom and told her he wouldn’t be there because he thinks it’s cruel for everyone to sit around and have a big steak dinner when they aren’t feeding his dad. This family is weird I tell you. It’s insane.

We did go out shopping yesterday and got Harley some new toys. Her favorite new toy is a retrieving dummy. Digital sketch by Jen Caputo. Paper and elements are from the ASPCA kit organized by Holly McCaig Designs with contributions by many digital artists.


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