Did someone miss the memo…

this is supposed to be a happy time in my life! I’m supposed to be relaxed and not stressed. So much for that theory.

FIL funeral went pretty well all in all. I was very well behaved. MIL snagged me first chance she got to say I need to come around more often, she needs me more than I’ll ever know. Um, excuse me, that boat has sailed. BIL was a complete ass but we pretty much expected that too. He really is a pompous SOB. After everything was over it was a big sigh of relief that I won’t have to see them again. I did get cornered by one of the aunts who took great joy in telling me that FIL had a good time making fun of my occupation (I am a fundraiser for a non-profit) to her. Sheesh, the man never had a decent conversation with me but felt good enough to “laugh about what I do for a living”. I just smiled and replied, “I’m sure he did”. I really think portions of this family must have participated in some study where they removed every ounce of tact they had to see how they survive in society.

We went to dinner Friday night with SIL and her family. She’s still trying to get me to name what it will take for me to give her mother another chance. I love my SIL but she really needs to understand I’m not the most dysfuncitonal part of this family. I’m also not going to draw up a “list of demands” because it means nothing if someone apologizes just because someone else tells them they need to.

Today I went to see the Lippizanners with my mom, niece and two aunts. We had a really great time. My Aunt Barb and I crack each other up… most of the time it’s really stupid stuff and inside jokes…. the other three would just look at us and shake their heads. We were really close to the action and I think I got some pretty good pictures. Hopefully I’ll get them downloaded tomorrow. I’m just too wound tonight. It was good to hug my mom and see her after her trip. She brought me a beautiful carving of a pig and it’s piglet back from Hong Kong in honor of the Year of the Pig and the fact the baby will be a “pig” in the Chinese zodiac.

My Mom received the volunteer of the year award from her local exchange office. I’m so proud of her. She thinks it’s no big deal and she doesn’t really do anything. That woman is a driving force in her county and I wish she could see how much she does and how much people respect her… she won’t take my word for it… or anyone else’s for that matter.

Tomorrow it’s off to Costco to stock the freezer while I still have paychecks.


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