Is this nesting????

Can nesting begin in the yard??? All of a sudden I have this huge desire to make our yard a bit more showy. Of course, we first need to get up the thousands of leaves, reseed and clear the back fence. I had planned on hiring it out but when you’re not bringing in money you decide to do a lot of stuff yourself. The first picture is the three seasons garden I want to do along the front of the house. The other is a perpetual perinneal garden that I think will look wonderful in front of the rock wall in the back yard.

Jim and I started on the leaves last night. In 30 minutes we bagged two large bags of leaves and entertained Harley. She would bring her toy over to us to throw for her. She loves it when we’re outside and prances around. It’s funny to watch her stop and make sure that we’re watching so that she can do her next “trick”.

I’ve also started to plan the nursery. I will have some extra money coming at the beginning of October and I hope that it can stay irmarked to buy the furniture and linens. I would like to start off with nice furniture that can grow with our child and plan on buying a 3 in 1 crib that will eventually be a full size bed.

I’m a bit depressed and finding it hard to get off the couch but know I have to. I will allow myself one more day to wallow and then hit things hard on Monday. I know in the end everything will work out… it always does, it’s just hard waiting for the end to get here sometimes.


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