Dig in!

Harley learned to dig a pit today! Joy of joys! Luckily the yard is a mess anyway so she’s not messing up and “landscaping”. Actually, it’s kept her really entertained. She loves laying out there in the dirt and has been very quiet most of the night. She also played in the hose tonight and absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to see how she does with the sprinkler! I did this layout using Miss Kim’s Karissa layout and paper from Holly McCaig’s ASPCA kit.

I went to interview with a temp service today and blew them away on the testing. Got 100% on the spelling test… my 7th grade English teacher would be so proud. Anyway, they really think they’ll have something for me soon. Possibly a direct hire.

I made a joke poster for Jim the other day. It was four color, 11X17 proclaiming him the trainer of the year with some quotes that people have given about his classes. It was just sort of an atta boy for him but he took it to the office today… a guy in his graphics department has someone he wants me to call about doing some work and his boss is sending me some files tomorrow to quote a poster for them. Hmmm.. could be an interesting little side business.


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