What A Week!

Oh my God, it’s been another emotional week. I can’t believe it. It all started Tuesday with a call from the Health Department telling me some recent blood work I had done showed that I may have syphilis and I need to come in for additional testing. Um, excuse me… I don’t think so. So I call my doctors office to ask “what is going on????” The nurse tells me that my blood work showed I had definitely had syphilis in the past but was not currently active and no further testing was needed. Um, no way… you’ve got to be kidding me. She assured me she wasn’t but everything would be fine. Jim got home from work and I explained to him what was going on. He was incredibly supportive… just wanted to make sure I was ok and let him know if he needed any testing. I felt disgusting and dirty. On Wednesday the nurse calls back to say the doctor wants to see me on Friday. That’s when I started to get a bit suspicious since yesterday nothing further was needed so I started doing my homework… I know more about syphilis and blood tests than I ever wanted to. After a few sleepless nights Friday finally came. The doctor was shocked that the nurse had told me I had had syphilis in the past and stated that couldn’t be determined from the RPR that was done on my blood (I knew that then). He also pointed out my white blood cell count had been high the past two tests (one of the things that can make the test come back reactive). He did say we did need to do the follow up testing but he would bet his house it’s coming back negative. Of course I also had to talk to the nurse manager because I was pretty upset with how this whole thing unfolded. Jim and I used the same doctor and when Doc kind of said “no harm done” I asked if he had to tell his spouse this week that the doctor’s office said he had definitely had an STD in the past but don’t know when. It’s times like these when you really appreciate a supportive spouse who cares about nothing but you being well.

I’ve had more energy this week which has been nice. I got a call about a job in my field this week. Apparently they had seen my resume on Monster. I have to do some internet testing tomorrow and then a phone interview on Tuesday. If I wind up taking this job it’s about the same money as before and it would mean very little if any loss of income for me being off this month since my previous job “bought out” my four weeks notice. And quite franky having the past few weeks off with as bad as I’ve been feeling and all this funky blood stuff wasn’t a bad thing.

Saturday Jim and I did some shopping and found a dress for the gala this weekend (75% off at Dillards — yeah! My shoes cost more than the dress!) We also went to Sears to pick up a TV Mom found on sale but wasn’t able to get out to buy. While we were there we found a leaf blower/vacuum and got it to get this yard clean up. We also stopped and got some grass seed to start overseeding some of these bare spots in the yard. Tomorrow I have to go get mulch, ground cover, edging, leaf bags and screen repair. I also think I’m going to get a patio set I saw on sale at Ace for the deck since the mornings are nice enough now we could sit on the deck on the weekends and have our coffee.

A good friend of mine died this week. She is the mother of one of my best friends and just lost a long battle with congestive heart failure. Her visitation is tomorrow. She will be so missed.

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