Today was a day of disappointment. Jim had some disappointments at work and I had disappointment with my nephew. I was supposed to pick him up tonight and he was going to spend the night with us so he could go out to the gala with us tomorrow. He called at 3 to ask if it was ok if he came at 7. Yeah, that was ok. We wouldn’t get to go to Dave and Buster’s for dinner… which I was really looking forward to. He had a blast the last time we went but I forgot the camera and I’m seriously needing some new photos of something other than the dog and cat. A little after 7 he called to say he was having problems with his ex-girlfriend and doesn’t want me to pick him up until tomorrow. There goes miniature golf and gelattos. I know he’s 15 now and has other interests but it used to be he’d kill to spend the night with me. I was a little short with him on the phone but called him back to apologize and just tell him I was disappointed because I miss spending time with him. He does say he is definitely going to the gala which is good because four of our friends have now had to beg off. Its’ too bad because it would be a lot of fun to see them but everyone is so busy right now.

It’s rained off and on all day and really hard tonight. The sump pump has been going off at least hourly… which is a good thing, no flooding in the basement. Tomorrow I have to take Harley to the kennel, pick up Donald, press Donald’s clothes, design some certificates and print them to take to my mom, and get us all out to Mom’s in time to get to the gala. Of course, tonight I can’t sleep which means I’ll be totally wiped tomorrow. Maybe I can grab a nap at Mom’s.


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