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Kansas City In the News

The story started unfolding on last night’s news. A mentally ill man went on a shooting spree at a local mall. Two dead, others injured. Police shot and killed the gunman. Not exactly how you want your hometown to make the national news. It was a mall in a good part of town. We don’t go there a lot but have been known to stop in when we’re out that direction. I have friends who live in that part of town who often run to the Target there. This morning I found out my friend Audrey’s sister was one of the victims. Audrey lives in London now and had been planning on coming home for a two week visit. She’s now on her way home but her plans are so much different. My heart goes out to her and her family.


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Deep Thoughts and Big Plans

I got an email last week that they would be resuming interviews for a job I interviewed for a month ago this week. I thought I was out but apparently not. And since this organization sought me out rather than the other way around I’m thinking I’ve got a pretty good shot at it. Which has brought up the stay at home mommy/working mommy debate for me. I love what I do for a living. I love helping a non-profit achieve it’s mission. We can live on Jim’s salary but we’re a lot more comfy on boht salaries – vacations, cameras and scrapbook materials, college funds… My mom stayed home with me until I was three. I don’t remember any of it. However I do remember the first and last names of my best friends in preschool. Wierd, huh?

I also never thought about only having one child but the more I think about being 36 having number one I wonder if there really will be a second child. If it takes as long to get pregnant the second time as it did the first probably not. I’ve been silently pondering this all week and Jim must be reading my mind because he asked this morning if we were going to have more kids. I think right now the plan is get this one here and see what happens from there.

Jim left for Wichita this afternoon. He will be teaching a class there thru Wednesday. I miss him when he’s not here and have a huge list of things I want to get done while he’s gone. With me not working and him not here I’ll get on my own schedule… sleep late, stay up all night.

On the list for this week:
1. set up the mac and scanner and start scanning pictures for various projects
2. organize pictures – both hard copies and on the computer and back up to CDs
3. clean the house – it’s become a pit
4. Dead Sea Scrolls at Union Station Wednesday with Mom
5. OB visit Thursday
6. Lunch with Laura Friday
7. Get some layouts done – paper and digital
8. Buy new furniture for the deck

It’s been really windy here all day and there are still chances for storms. Harley went absolutely nuts after Jim left – she saw the bag and knows that means he’s not coming back for a while. I finally had to put her in her kennel for a “nap”. Tried putting her outside, she started eating the siding again. Tried having her in but she was bouncing off the walls, chasing the cat and grabbing anything she could in her mouth. It’s almost her dinner time so she’ll get paroled for at least a bit.

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The Entry With No Title

Things have been busy but also kind of boring. Highlights have been a weekend in Nebraska to see SIL and her family. Had a great time just relaxing and visiting. Jim and I even managed a nap together on Saturday.

I have a million things I want to scrapbook right now but just can’t seem to get in the scrapping mood.

Got a call about doing some contract work today. I think it will only be good for a few hours and then nothing… but a few hours is a few hundred bucks so its all good. Also got to see a lot of people I used to work with today, that was great. They have all heard our baby news and were very excited.

Finished up a graphics project for Jim today… no money for it but it’s entertaining learning to do new things and he is one of my easiest clients. There is a chance it could turn into some money but right now if it helps his career that’s payment enough. He has to go to Wichita next week to do a training and they offered him the hotel suite if I wanted to go along…. hmm, three days in Wichita, I’ll pass. It would cost $100 to kennel Harley, and meals out. It just doesn’t seem worth it. He’s always wiped out after teaching so it’s not like we’d have a great opportunity to go out at night either.

I mowed the front yard yesterday, Jim had a small coniption fit. I’m pregnant, not disabled. He’s so funny. We did get back the first genetic blood screens yesterday… everything looked really good and our risks dropped inevery category — yeah!!!

Saturday there is a big community garage sale in one of the upscale sub-divisions so we’re going to go scout out baby goods.

I’m starting to cook more.. real cooking, not just hamburger helper. I even went to the grocery store yesterday… gasp! I could actually get into this domestic stuff… but don’t tell Jim!

Tomorrow I have a lot of errands to run. Harley needs a new food dish (she ate her other one) and a new water dish for outside since she’s spending the entire day outside now.

Cosmo is driving me crazy! This cat has become so protective of me. And has times where he absolutely INSISTS on laying on me. I put him on the floor six times today before I finally gave up what I was doing and decided that it was time to simply sit and pet the cat.

Well…. enough rambling for tonight. Maybe something more exciting will happen tomorrow.

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Hello Baby!

We had our first sonogram today. I was excited until we had to meet with the genetic counselor… sheesh lady, give it up. Talk about gloom and doom. We’re opting to do the minimal amount of testing that we can get by with my OB/GYN. Because of my “advanced maternal age” they are requiring that I have the nuchal scans.

On to the good part… the baby was laying face down the entire scan, would not cooperate one iota… yep, that’s our kid! Size wise it’s measuring at 13 weeks. We are currently at 12 weeks so I’m glad that it’s coming along fine. I’ve lost 8 pounds since February so I was a little concerned. The heart rate was 161 and strong. We have three pictures… they all look like the cat to me 🙂

Still too early to tell sex. Will hopefully find that out at the June scan. My friend Dianne who has a great track record of predicting sex is saying boy… and really doesn’t want me to ruin her record. My aunt is claiming girl. We shall see.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the scanner hooked up to do a layout. I have several other pictures that I want to scan also and now would be a good time to be scrapping.

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Storms a Coming???

You know how they say animals can sense storms??? Well we must be in for rain, or a tornado…. no, no, it’s TSUNAMI IN THE HEARTLAND!!! The fur children are being absolutely horrid this morning!!! Harley
barked and barked until I let her in. After I let her in she proceeded to chew anything she could get her little fuzzy mouth on. So, back outside for a bit. After another round of barking, and chewing I decided it was time for her mid-morning nap. I had a hold of her collar and was leading her downstairs when Cosmo decided he was the new sherrif in town. He stormed both of us biting both of our ankles. After I got Harley in her cage he continued to chase and bite me all the way upstairs where I took cover under the world famous “soft blue blankey”. He’s not on the coffee table looking at me meanacingly. Yep,definitely a tsunami on the way.

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Sick One

Jim started getting sick last night. Today he felt just awful and wound up coming home from work early. It’s another sinus type infection, I’m hoping I don’t get it too. I had gotten a sinus mask at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of months ago so I decided to try that on him. I also had one for the neck so he said to bring that too. He looked so pathetic I just had to take a picture. I’m sure he appreciates me being bored out of my skull and willing to scrap anything for posterity!

Layout is by Jen Caputo, papers are by Gina Cabrera and font is Knock Kneed by Jenna Robertson.

Tomorrow is our first ultrasound. I’m excited and a little nervous. Our first look at the baby.

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2007 Gala

Saturday night we went to the 11th Annual House of Hope Gala in Lexington. Mom was one of the founding board members of HOH and I have been to all 11 galas, as have my aunt and uncle. Mom missed one 5 years ago when Dad was so sick. He actually passed five days after the gala.

This year our group consisted of Jim, my nephew Donald, Mom, my Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward and their friends Jack and Renata. There were supposed to be a few more in our group but life gets in the way

We had a really good time. Of course, at a lull in the evening Aunt Barb got a bit bored so the boas that were on the tables were enlisted for photo opportunities.

Donald refused to do a boa shot with the guys so he did his own “boa constrictor”.

It was a great night and they raised a lot of money to help support victims of domestic violence.

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