Baby Stuff!

We went out to my Mom’s for the weekend to attend the House of Hope Gala (see next post). While I was in Mom’s room looking at the jewelry she bought in Hong Kong I saw this dog nose sticking out of a bag and asked what it was. She asked if she had given me the March gift for the baby. March gift? Apparently she’s decided to do a gift a month so here are March, April and May. The stuffed dog, a wonderfully soft sherpa blanket with the cutest dog embroidered on it and a reversible baby blanket. They are all so cute. And it’s nice to see her being excited. And then at the gala everyone coming up and telling me how much she’s bragging on I’m pregnant. I think all of Lafayette County now knows 🙂

This adorable plush Classic Pooh with blanket was a gift from Renate and Jack at the gala. They are my aunt and uncle’s best friends and two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Well, actually Renate is nice and Jack in just plain onery.


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