The Entry With No Title

Things have been busy but also kind of boring. Highlights have been a weekend in Nebraska to see SIL and her family. Had a great time just relaxing and visiting. Jim and I even managed a nap together on Saturday.

I have a million things I want to scrapbook right now but just can’t seem to get in the scrapping mood.

Got a call about doing some contract work today. I think it will only be good for a few hours and then nothing… but a few hours is a few hundred bucks so its all good. Also got to see a lot of people I used to work with today, that was great. They have all heard our baby news and were very excited.

Finished up a graphics project for Jim today… no money for it but it’s entertaining learning to do new things and he is one of my easiest clients. There is a chance it could turn into some money but right now if it helps his career that’s payment enough. He has to go to Wichita next week to do a training and they offered him the hotel suite if I wanted to go along…. hmm, three days in Wichita, I’ll pass. It would cost $100 to kennel Harley, and meals out. It just doesn’t seem worth it. He’s always wiped out after teaching so it’s not like we’d have a great opportunity to go out at night either.

I mowed the front yard yesterday, Jim had a small coniption fit. I’m pregnant, not disabled. He’s so funny. We did get back the first genetic blood screens yesterday… everything looked really good and our risks dropped inevery category — yeah!!!

Saturday there is a big community garage sale in one of the upscale sub-divisions so we’re going to go scout out baby goods.

I’m starting to cook more.. real cooking, not just hamburger helper. I even went to the grocery store yesterday… gasp! I could actually get into this domestic stuff… but don’t tell Jim!

Tomorrow I have a lot of errands to run. Harley needs a new food dish (she ate her other one) and a new water dish for outside since she’s spending the entire day outside now.

Cosmo is driving me crazy! This cat has become so protective of me. And has times where he absolutely INSISTS on laying on me. I put him on the floor six times today before I finally gave up what I was doing and decided that it was time to simply sit and pet the cat.

Well…. enough rambling for tonight. Maybe something more exciting will happen tomorrow.


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