Props to DH

Mother’s Day was wonderful. Jim and the fur babies got me a gift certificate to my favorite scrapbooking store that I can’t wait to put to good use. Harley also got me some wonderful petit fours from Wally’s in North Kansas City — absolutely decadent!

Jim has been so great about keeping on top of things while I’ve been down. He did endless loads of laundry this weekend, vacuumed the entire house and cleaned the carpet in the living room and basement; deep cleaned the kitchen; mowed the lawn; planted the new flower bed in the back yard and made sure I wanted for nothing. Anytime I got up to do anything he was hounding me to go back to bed. I did finally convince him that I could fold the laundry (he carried it up the stairs for me). I also deep cleaned the bathrooms (Jim won’t clean a bathroom if his life depends on it).

Tomorrow is the echocardiogram. I really feel like it’s going to be fine. My mom is insisting on taking me. She’s in what I call “full mother mode”. Which is basically when she decides she’s in charge and from now on we’re doing it her way. I know she’s worried right now so I’m being as accomodating as I can to her needs too. I’m ready to be told “X is wrong and this is the pill you take to cure it”.


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