I was just about finished with a layout from Cosmo’s birthday when I accidentally closed the file. What an idiot! I’m so ticked at myself. Of course, I wasn’t real happy with how it was turning out but it was at least almost finished. He did have a good birthday and got his usual plate of lox, which he handily scarfed down.

Pretty uneventful day, mostly slept, woke up with a headache. Tomorrow we’re at the hematologist still looking for answers.

Harley has been incredibly vocal today. Barking a lot when she was outside and groaning at us when she was inside. I filled a kong with peanut butter for her tonight, we found her kongs under the bed when we elevated it this weekend. She really enjoyed that. I need to get them refilled and stuck in the freezer, it’s a great way to entertain her for 30 minutes or so.

Poor Jim, broke is toe in the yard the other night and is limping around. There is nothing worse than a broken toe, nothing you can do for it and no way to walk comfortably. Unfortunately there are also a lot of stairs at his office. Hopefully he recouperates soon.


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