Morning Sickness???

After a day of general lethargy I’ve spent the better part of the wee early morning hours of Monday with morning sickness. Am I just a late bloomer? This is supposed to get better in the second trimester, not start. Ugh!

Jim is continuuing to limp around and Harley, true to form, did it again today. She came into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed, Jim was trying to coax her to lie down at the end of the bed by giving her a chew bone. She graciously took it, then dropped it right smack on his hurt toe. The million dollar shot… couldn’t have been more of a direct hit if she had tried. Fortunately he had given her a small chew bone instead of the larger one, we’d be at the hospital having his heart restarted.

Did a quick layout of Donald’s birthday from last year tonight. Layout and paper are from Heather Ann Designs. Can’t believe this kid’s going to be 16 in a few months. Where does the time go? I fear he’s struggling a bit right now and there’s nothing I can do for him except wait for him to come to me. I sure hope he does sooner rather than later.

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