I’m Fine! Harley is sick :-(

OK… the cardiologist appointment went very, very well. Apparently whatever “dysfunction” I’m having is so minor – the bottom of the heart is just not pumping as hard as the top -he’s not worried at all. He also thought that the low blood pressure was not a problem, if anything he wishes all his patients had my blood pressure. Talk about a huge weight off my shoulders. I had the nurse tell my mom that I really am fine so that she could be 100% sure. Called Jim to let him know that everything was fine, he was also very relieved. Afterwards we went out to a nice lunch and did some shopping.

When I got home Harley still wasn’t drinking and was as lethargic as ever. The groundhogs were in the yard and she didn’t even make a fuss about it when she was outside. I called the vet and they wanted to see her right away. They asked if she had eaten anything she wasn’t supposed to… I don’t think so but I can’t swear to it… she has stuff in her mouth so quickly that something could have slipped by. The vet decided we better do x-rays. When he came back with the x-rays in hand I thought… oh no, what is he going to show me. Turns out it was clear. She did have a fever so she has some antibiotics and the vet says she should be back to normal in 12-24 hours. If she gets dehydrated or doesn’t show improvement bring her back. She did drink half a bowl of water when we got home so hopefully she’ll be on the mend soon.


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