One More Sleepless Night

OK, 12.5 hours until my cardiologist appointment. It seemed like it would never get here. Tomorrow we get some answers…. will I be ok, will the baby be ok, is this valve damage reversible, how severe is it…??? The list goes on and on. I’m trying to not be hysterical when I go in. Of course, my Mom is insisting on taking me… will she wait in the waiting room or is she going to insist on seeing the doctor like I’m 6? If it’s bad news what do I say when I call Jim at work?

Add to the mix of things, Harley is sick today. She’s really lethargic and has no interest in food or water. So, I’m having to keep and eye on her and might have to get her to the vet tomorrow. She doesn’t seem miserable just lethargic. She doesn’t even want up on the bed. I hope she’s ok and it’s just something she’s eaten is disagreeing with her.

We didn’t do a lot this weekend. I normally go and decorate at the cemetery for my dad’s side of the family a few hours away but just didn’t have the energy to do it. Dad went faithfully every year and I always went with him. I promised him I’d keep it up after he was gone. I called grandma earlier this week and let her know, she was pretty understanding about it.

We did go out to my Mom’s on Sunday to see her and decorate for my dad and brother at the cemetery. I took some nursery samples for Mom to look at. Nursery bedding is so expensive — $400-500 for a five piece bedding set??? I don’t think so! My bedding set didn’t cost that much! I knew my Mom would have great ideas on making everything. She even had a couple of patterns for maternity clothing she had picked up and wants to make for me. She’s so talented. I called her today and she had been out looking at fabric for the nursery and buying patterns. We find out in a week if it’s a boy or a girl so she will be ready to roll when we find out.

I did a layout of some of the nursery sets we looked at. The paper is from Lisa Whitney’s Spaced Out pack and the layout is a quick fill template from Heather Ann Designs.


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