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Friday Wrap Up

I met up with my most grateful Mom and picked up my nephew. She acted like it really was a wonderful thing I had done and I know it made her day easier but it really was no problem. She gave me a really nice gold Cross pen that she had picked up at Things Remembered while getting the gift she had to come to town to pick up. I thought that was cool. Donald was no problem, he just wanted to go home so he could spend a few hours with his best friend. Basically it turned into a recon mission with no entertaining required.

Tonight we went out to dinner at Roxanne’s Cafe in Parkville… love that cafe! Really good home cooking. I got the chicken fried chicken, it’s so good. Then we went out to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at nursery furniture. I think we’ve settled on the crib/changing table combo to finish out the furniture we already have. Decided not to buy it today as it will go on sale again… maybe their big Labor Day sale, no pun intended.

Tomorrow it’s tackle this house day. Both Cosmo and Harley are shedding like bandits… not so great – black fur with cream color carpeting, especially the steps. It’s time for our monthly deep cleaning of everything. Hopefully we can get motivated and get everything done tomorrow and not drag it out all weekend… we will see how many other diversions we can come up with. If it’s raining again that will help, diversions aren’t as much fun in the rain.

Today’s layouts… numbers 26 & 27 for June. Three more to go to make my goal for the month. I have two other layouts done but I need to scan the pictures for them. We got the cable for the scanner last weekend, maybe we’ll hook it up this weekend.

The top layout is of Donald at the Mall of America from our summer 2003 camping trip. We spent two days exploring the mall. He was 12 so shopping was not a great priority to him so he was happy to discover all the other diversions there were at the mall. Layout is Simple Set #15 by Ksharonk; paper and embellishments are 4 the Boyz also by Ksharonk.

The next layout is of my niece her first year of riding lessons. She’s horse crazy just like I was at that age. My Mom found a riding camp for her to go to the summer of 2005. She had such a great time I told her I’d pay for her to continue weekly lessons. Layout is Simple Set #4 by Ksharonk; paper is from Huni Buni’s Candies kit.


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Hello Friday

Well, I finally got to sleep around 5ish only to wake up to the phone ringing at 9:30am. It was my Mom needing a favor, which I’m happy to oblige but apparently wasn’t sounding too excited as I tried to figure out simple things like what time is it, who am I, who is this woman on the phone asking questions. I finally got her convinced I was going to help her and we made our plans to meet. I’ve got to get moving soon.

Harley (the Horrible) apparently decided to eat one of my shoes this morning. Of course, it’s only one of my favorite Born loafers. The only pair of “dress” type shoes that fit me right now… grrr. I think I’ve figured out a pattern to her chewing. She will only chew things that:
a) are expensive
b) are hard to replace
c) I need immediately
d) will make a HUGE mess

She’s now asleep on the end of the bed – Harley (the Heavenly). Not a care in the world.

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Hello Friday!

Here are a couple of layouts I’ve gotten done the past few days. Credits are coming… I forgot to write stuff down as I went so I’m going to have to look things up later today. I need to count and see how far I am from my 30 in June. I’ve got two days to get caught up!

The first one is of Donald when he spent the weekend a few years ago and we went to Parkville to play mini-golf. What a goof ball.

The next one is a trip we took with both of the kids to the Liberty Corn Maze… note to self, next time take a flashlight!

Today Jim has a meeting at work that if it’s what we suspect could lead to bigger things in the near future. Big enough that I’d quit worrying about
going back to work after RC is born. I’m trying to to count my chickens before they hatch but this is the break we’ve been waiting for. And I know it would make Jim’s day if everything came through. Tomorrow is just a first step so we’ll see. I hope for Jim it happens. Then again, we could be totally wrong about the reason for the meeting.

I fell asleep about 7 last night and woke up at 11 with horrible reflux which has kept me up all night. Jim’s back is acting up so he’s on the living room floor sleeping. Cosmo just wandered in and plopped down on my chest nuzzling his head to my chin so maybe I better try to get some more sleep.

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Two New Layouts… Yeah!!!

I managed to get two layouts done today while keeping Harley entertained. Some days that dog just wants to play and be petted and refuses to take no for an answer.

The first layout is pictures from our camp ground in Minnesota from our 2003 vacation. My nephew loved to go camping so we went every year. We haven’t been for a few years but discussed today that maybe next year we could go again. I won’t hold my breath that he’ll be that interested next summer since he’ll be 17 and driving. Layout is by Amanda Lee; paper and embellishments are by Christine Stone.

The other layout is from a day we spent at the Minneapolis Zoo on the same trip. Donald was always such a ham for my camera. He always seemed to understand the price for his trip was unlimited posing for me. Layout is Quick Fill #27 by Heather Ann Designs; paper and embellishments are Michelle Underwood’s Wonderful kit.

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Today is starting off very slowly. My back is killing me… I think someone sent RC a sword and he’s jabbing it into my left kidney… ouch!

I found these shoes for RC at Marshall’s the other night. They were just too cute to leave on the shelf! They also have a little matching hat.

Jim had a meeting this morning near home so he got to leave a little later this morning. It’s nice having him home even an hour longer. Next week he’s taking off Thursday and Friday so we’ll have five whole days together and I’m really looking forward to it. Granted the majority of the time is supposed to be devoted to work around the house but I’m sure we’ll manage to work in our fair share of fun too.

The wallpaper arrived and I opened the box last night. We were shorted a double roll… ugh. I hate calling customer service of anything. But I knew I had to take care of that this morning. The wallpaper place could not have been more accommodating. The new roll is on its way. I borrowed a painting and wallpapering book from Ann & Ward yesterday so we’ll start figuring out what the hell we’re doing soon.

It’s raining off and on today so Harley is hanging out in the bedroom with me. Cosmo decided to join us. He’s lounging on Jim’s nightstand taking a nap and Harley is asleep by the sliding glass door. She’s actually snoring! It’s so funny.

I need to get something to eat soon. Jim made some really good pasta for dinner last night so maybe I’ll heat some of that up. Then I think I’m just going to scrap and play on the computer and take it easy the rest of the afternoon… Cosmo and Harley seem to agree that’s a good idea.

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Journaling From the Internet

This week’s Wordy Wednesday challenge was to take journaling from the internet. I thought these pictures of Donald from our trip to Minnesota in 2003 would be perfect for that. I have a paper scrapbook from that trip but have been wanting to put together a digital one too so one page down, about 30 to go! Layout is Quick Fill Page 2 from Heather Ann Designs. Papers are cardstock collection from Katie the Scrapbook Lady.

Interviewed with yet another temp agency today. Once again, “you have amazing skills, we don’t have a job for you today but keep checking back.” -UGH!!! I did get an email from a “permanent” job I applied for in my actual field. It’s a regional position with a national non-profit. It would be a really good fit for me and I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. I need to call them tomorrow to set up a phone interview. It would be nice if this were what the universe had in mind for me… go back to work at my regular rate of pay; have a few months in before RC arrives; be able to have 6-12 weeks off when RC comes and get back into the full swing of things. Would make getting ready for RC a bit less stressful.

Tomorrow I also get to have lunch with my favorite aunt. I’m looking forward to that, we always have such a good time.

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A Few New Layouts

I have two new layouts to post. There are two more that I did this weekend but now I can’t find them. I’m really liking having one central drive with all my files on it that I can access from any computer. Makes things a while lot easier than running between computers and copying files on jump drives and disks.

The first layout is from a trip to Branson with Donald and Erika in 2004. Layout is Heather Ann Designs Quick Fill Page 40 and the background papers are Heather Ann Designs Two If By Sea.

The next layout is of Harley’s birthday today. Layout is Amanda Lee’s Crafty Corners 4. Papers are Jeannie Papai Birthday Stickers kit.

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