Christmas Past

This was Christmas 2005. A pretty rough Christmas for my family since my brother had been killed in an accident two weeks earlier. My Mom has this thing about plastic yard flamingos… she really dislikes them. So of course it’s become a running joke in the family to buy her tacky flamingo things. I had found these pajamas at Target but they were a bit pricey for a gag gift. However, the fact that we needed to laugh and remember good things led me to find a pair in her size one week before Christmas. It took going to 8 different stores but I finally found them. Mom always hosts Christmas Eve at her house for my brother’s kids and my family. Christmas day everyone was coming to my house. Imagine my surprise when my mother arrives at my house wearing the aforementioned flamingo pajamas… and a full length mink to boot, with a pink boa on her head. Only my mother! The joke was on me. I told her if she had gotten pulled over they would have had her on a 72 hour psych hold for sure.

When I found Ali Folendore’s Flamingo Mini-Kit I knew it was perfect for this layout. Paper, ribbon and Santa hats are from Michelle Underwood’s Santa Baby kit. Layout is Emmy Lou courtesy of Miss Kim.


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