Harley Is Back!

The good new to report today is my little dog on crack is back! No more lethargy! She came out last night and ate anything she could get her mouth on. Today she slept with me most of the day, which is her normal routine and tonight she was back in full force. Running through the yard, eating, catching treats in her mouth and getting even with Cosmo for all the torment he’s caused over the past ten days. It feels good to see her back to her old self again. I was so worried when they couldn’t figure out how to make her better.

I pretty much slept all day because I was up all night. Between my sinuses draining and the acid reflux it was impossible to get comfortable. If I did manage to fall asleep I would curl down to far and wake up gagging. Oh the joys! Now I’m awake because I’ve only been up 7 hours. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get back on a regular schedule.

Today’s layout is of Cosmo’s first Christmas. Here’s a cat who really loved Christmas. He thought the tree in the living room was his own personal playground. He also loved playing in the garland that was on the floor when I was getting all the decorations up. He would chew on packages, helped me with the wrapping and it seemed most all of our packages had teeth or claw marks in them . We took him to PETCO to see Santa and Santa admitted he’d had a few cats over the years that climbed trees so that made it alright. The layout is from Janet Philips Fat Packs; paper and tags from Heather Ann Designs Holiday Cheer kit and the tree is from Shelly Rae’s Christmas Doodle pack.


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