Wordy Wednesday Challenge

Katie the Scrapbook Lady is hosting a new Wordy Wednesday journaling challenge every week at the DigiShoppe blog. This week was to do a layout with a letter to someone. I didn’t have the picture that I want to do handy so I did one for Cosmo, my cat. I think it turned out nice. Yes, I am nuts about this cat.

Layout is courteousy of Miss Kim who is so fantastic she preposted entries to come up while she is on vacation… how great is that! Papers are from the ASPCA Charity Kit.



Filed under Cosmo, scrapbooking

3 responses to “Wordy Wednesday Challenge

  1. Katie

    I love that you used a photo of your cat for this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ Great journaling!

  2. Katie

    I have a coupon for you for doing the Wordy Wednesday challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ Will you email me at ktscrapbooklady@gmail.com ?

  3. Erin

    Not just a cat. A part of your family. Having recently lost one of our own furbabies rather unexpectedly in March, I was moved to see someone else who truly cherishes their pets. Please give Cosmo a big hug for me in honor of Shadow.

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