No Friday Layout

No layout today… but there’s a good reason. I was out having a great day. Met up with my friends Ginnie and Mia at Ginnie’s house for lunch today. Mia’s kids, Annemarie (3) and Benjamin (6 mos) were both there. I got to sit around and hold a napping infant while catching up with good friends.

Tonight we piled Harley in the car to take her to the Parkville River Jam only to get down there and figure out that it’s next weekend. Gladstone’s Blues Fest is this weekend but they don’t allow dogs. Seems a lot of places in KC are banning dogs which really sucks for Harley because she absolutely loves going out and about.

I’m wondering how Target stores in KC are faring these days. Personally I love Target and couldn’t survive without them… I cannot stand Wal-Mart. In the past month we’ve had a fatal shooting at the Ward Parkway Target and a kidnapping at the Oak Park Target. Neither they fault of the Target store but still enough bad press to cause people to say they’re questioning the safety of going to Target.

Tomorrow is the Belmont Stakes. Once again we’ll be going out to our local dog track with my aunt & uncle and mom to watch the dogs for a few hours then bet on the Belmont and watch it on this little six inch screen then back to my aunt’s for dinner. My aunt started this four years ago and Jim and I have gone every year. We thought we were going to have 12 people in our group this year but it seems a lot of people had things come up at the last minute.

We started looking at different fabric ideas for the nursery tonight. We’re still trying to decide on a theme – they’re running the gammut right now.


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