Today Was All About the Baby!

OK, so we’ve known for six days we’re having a boy. I was dying to do some shopping today. We headed out to the Legends Shopping Center and the Carter’s outlet. I didn’t go overboard… as my Mom keep reminding me, you’ll be getting outfits… I know but I want to pick some! I got this cute puppy outfit, some onesies and a little football outfit… totally not out of control 🙂

Then it was on to figure out the nursery theme. Home Depot does not carry wallpaper anymore… who knew! So we ran to Lowe’s and poured over their books… I didn’t realize exactly how hard this was going to be! I think we’ve finally settled on a large blue polka dot wallpaper with a blue circle border. We’re going to do wallpaper on the large unbroken wall, paint the other walls a coordinating blue and do the border all around… at least I think that’s what we’re going to do. I have to go back tomorrow and take one more look at it. I think it will be easy to accessorise with different things and also have something with some growth potential. The crib will be against the wallpapered wall and I want to do the baby’s name in letters centered above it. I hope the finished product looks as cool as what I have in my head!

The bad news is I didn’t get any scrapping done this weekend… the good news is I got to spend a lot of times with family and my husband which was also very nice. I did buy a lot of new digital kits this weekend. There are still several on my list that I want but they are going to have to wait until another day.


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