Playing Catch Up

So I’m a little behind on my layout a day for the month of June. The goal is at the end of June I will have 3o new layouts done. Trying to get caught up on all the past pictures I have since I’ve only recently discovered digital scrapbooking.

The first is a layout of my nephew playing chess. My dad used to play checkers with him and he got to the point where he was really good so we introduced him to chess. He took to it immediately but can’t always find someone to play it with him so he was excited to find out that Uncle Jim knows how to play. Layout is Teresa Ferguson Smarties Snack Pack. Paper and embellishments are from Atomic Cupcake Play With Me kit.

The second layout is of Cosmo when we first brought him home. We had been at a going away party for a friend and got seated with a really cool couple. About halfway through dinner they asked if we wanted a kitten. Jim said no, I said yes. So, the next day we were on our way to Liberty in a horrible rainstorm to pick up our new furry son. When we stepped up on the porch there were three little black kittens, he immediately started climbing my leg and snuggled in when I picked him up, I knew this was the cat for me. Layout is from Heather Benson, paper and embellishments are Michelle Underwood’s Here Kitty kit.

The last one is of a holiday tradition. Every year we would take the kids to Crown Center to see Santa. This was the next to the last year that we went because alas, eventually they outgrow going to see Santa. Layout is Heather Ann Designs Quick Fill Page #23; paper are Lisa Whitney’s Peppermint Paper Pack.


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