Two More Layouts!

It’s a lot of fun looking back through some of my older pictures and remembering the fun we had. I’m trying to get all my pictures backed up on disks since we had a scare last week and I thought I had lost them all. This is also making it easier to transfer them to the laptop which I’m primarily using these days.

I’m also trying to figure out how to organize all my digital scrapbooking supplies. I think I’m going to need to take a day and catalog them and divide them into more useful categories since right now they’re all just in a “Digital Scrapbooking” file. Not to mention they’re scattered over at least two computers. Maybe by Monday I could get that done. Add it to the list!

The first layout is of the kids in 2002 decorating cookies. I had finally found a great cut out cookie recipe that was not only delicious but rolled out like a dream. I made up a couple of batches of cookies and took them out to Mom’s along with a bunch of icing I had. They had a blast and did a really good job. Layout is Heather Ann Designs Quick Fill Page 40. Paper is Heather Ann Designs Holiday Cheer Pack and the words are from Heather Ann Designs Holiday Word Art kit.

The second layout is of Mr. Donald one night in June 2005 when Uncle Jim and I had him for the weekend. We went to Parkville and played miniature golf and then stopped for the world’s best gelatto at The Sweet Guy. I love how hammy he is in this picture. Layout is Moving Day by Tracy Dane. Paper and embellishments are Shabby Princess Wonderful Kit.


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