Boy This Cat Sleeps Hard

I’m telling you this cat can nap! I on the other hand am fully awake at 3:45am. Cosmo is snoozing on his favorite blue blankey on the couch next to me and I was stroking his paw when I noticed he wasn’t reacting at all even when I extended his claws. Hmmm??? Could this be the secret to trimming his claws??? Normally it’s a 3 day event over which Jim and I tackle him at various times and get one or two clipped while he acts like we are killing him and then retaliates with whichever claws did not get clipped.

I actually managed to get ALL of his claws trimmed without him so much as batting an eye! It was incredible. I wish I could sleep that soundly. I guess my cat has a really clear conscience, perhaps he should consult with the dog on that.


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