Hello Friday

Well, I finally got to sleep around 5ish only to wake up to the phone ringing at 9:30am. It was my Mom needing a favor, which I’m happy to oblige but apparently wasn’t sounding too excited as I tried to figure out simple things like what time is it, who am I, who is this woman on the phone asking questions. I finally got her convinced I was going to help her and we made our plans to meet. I’ve got to get moving soon.

Harley (the Horrible) apparently decided to eat one of my shoes this morning. Of course, it’s only one of my favorite Born loafers. The only pair of “dress” type shoes that fit me right now… grrr. I think I’ve figured out a pattern to her chewing. She will only chew things that:
a) are expensive
b) are hard to replace
c) I need immediately
d) will make a HUGE mess

She’s now asleep on the end of the bed – Harley (the Heavenly). Not a care in the world.


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