Hello Friday!

Here are a couple of layouts I’ve gotten done the past few days. Credits are coming… I forgot to write stuff down as I went so I’m going to have to look things up later today. I need to count and see how far I am from my 30 in June. I’ve got two days to get caught up!

The first one is of Donald when he spent the weekend a few years ago and we went to Parkville to play mini-golf. What a goof ball.

The next one is a trip we took with both of the kids to the Liberty Corn Maze… note to self, next time take a flashlight!

Today Jim has a meeting at work that if it’s what we suspect could lead to bigger things in the near future. Big enough that I’d quit worrying about
going back to work after RC is born. I’m trying to to count my chickens before they hatch but this is the break we’ve been waiting for. And I know it would make Jim’s day if everything came through. Tomorrow is just a first step so we’ll see. I hope for Jim it happens. Then again, we could be totally wrong about the reason for the meeting.

I fell asleep about 7 last night and woke up at 11 with horrible reflux which has kept me up all night. Jim’s back is acting up so he’s on the living room floor sleeping. Cosmo just wandered in and plopped down on my chest nuzzling his head to my chin so maybe I better try to get some more sleep.


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