Friday Wrap Up

I met up with my most grateful Mom and picked up my nephew. She acted like it really was a wonderful thing I had done and I know it made her day easier but it really was no problem. She gave me a really nice gold Cross pen that she had picked up at Things Remembered while getting the gift she had to come to town to pick up. I thought that was cool. Donald was no problem, he just wanted to go home so he could spend a few hours with his best friend. Basically it turned into a recon mission with no entertaining required.

Tonight we went out to dinner at Roxanne’s Cafe in Parkville… love that cafe! Really good home cooking. I got the chicken fried chicken, it’s so good. Then we went out to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at nursery furniture. I think we’ve settled on the crib/changing table combo to finish out the furniture we already have. Decided not to buy it today as it will go on sale again… maybe their big Labor Day sale, no pun intended.

Tomorrow it’s tackle this house day. Both Cosmo and Harley are shedding like bandits… not so great – black fur with cream color carpeting, especially the steps. It’s time for our monthly deep cleaning of everything. Hopefully we can get motivated and get everything done tomorrow and not drag it out all weekend… we will see how many other diversions we can come up with. If it’s raining again that will help, diversions aren’t as much fun in the rain.

Today’s layouts… numbers 26 & 27 for June. Three more to go to make my goal for the month. I have two other layouts done but I need to scan the pictures for them. We got the cable for the scanner last weekend, maybe we’ll hook it up this weekend.

The top layout is of Donald at the Mall of America from our summer 2003 camping trip. We spent two days exploring the mall. He was 12 so shopping was not a great priority to him so he was happy to discover all the other diversions there were at the mall. Layout is Simple Set #15 by Ksharonk; paper and embellishments are 4 the Boyz also by Ksharonk.

The next layout is of my niece her first year of riding lessons. She’s horse crazy just like I was at that age. My Mom found a riding camp for her to go to the summer of 2005. She had such a great time I told her I’d pay for her to continue weekly lessons. Layout is Simple Set #4 by Ksharonk; paper is from Huni Buni’s Candies kit.


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