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Baby Gift and a Veiled Threat

On our way out the door to obedience class there was another package on the doorstep. Another gift from Aunt Renee… a diaper genie! My husband is convinced that if you rub it a genie pops out and changes the babies diaper, um, not really how that works Jim. There was also another note to RC from Aunt Renee… “when you get older I’ll tell you real stories about your mom and dad”. Uh oh, this is the woman who can do it! She is responsible for us meeting. She was in our wedding. She stayed with us for the two days leading up to our wedding… she knows most of our secrets. I see bribes in the future!


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From Aunt Renee!!!

Got a package in the mail today from one of my best friends who is in Nevada now. A cute little hooded towel for Robert with a note to him that said if Mom and Dad get too mean he can come spend the night with her.

Woke up this morning sick with acid reflux. Ugh! In a true show of solidarity Harley decided to throw up on the bed after I got done in the bathroom, thanks so much for your support.

My interview from last week called today and I got a call back for Thursday… of course. The only other day I have an interview this week. So Thursday will be 9:45am OB visit. 3:00pm interview in Independence and 6:00pm interview in Liberty… going to be one busy day!

Due to my illness this morning I decided to put off the glucose screening until tomorrow. No need to go drink the nasty stuff and just toss it back up for them. Hopefully I can sleep tonight and get that done first thing in the morning. Then I need to go see my friend Dianne.. she has something for me and or the baby and I can’t wait to find out what it is. She is really excited about it and she’s one of the neatest, most creative people I know! I also need to run to Target and pick up a few things… love when they put stuff on sale the day after I mention we need it.

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The 1AM Play Date

Seems like RC’s favorite play times are 1am – 5am… not real conducive for my sleeping. Ugh! If he is half as active outside the womb as he is inside we’ll never be able to contain this child!

Tomorrow is my glucose screening test. Great. So far I haven’t passed a single blood test on the first try. Really looking forward to having to sit around the lab office for an hour. Perhaps the blood test gods will shine on me and I’ll pass this because I think 3 hours of sitting will do me in… Jim will have to come and play games with me or something.

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It’s Coming Along!

Despite not sleeping last night and having a long nap today we were very productive… yeah!!! I woke Jim up at 6am and we went to the City Market and had breakfast at Cascone’s. Jim took the truck up to the mechanic to have the tire repaired. They couldn’t find the leak after they took the metal out of it… we’ll see if the air holds. When he got home we ran some quick errands and came home and took naps. Once we got up we really started tackling things. All the boxes that were in RC’s room have been brought out, gone through, sorted and taken to their new homes. The closet has been cleaned out and are ready for his clothes. We got one vacuum fixed, installed Cosmo’s cat door for his new room downstairs and showed him where it was, took four bags of clothing to the donation box and rewarded ourselves with Sheridan’s custard. I still have a lot of scrapbooking stuff I need to get sorted and in its proper place so hopefully that will happen this week so we can get the empty boxes out of the middle of the floor. There is a little sorting that needs to be done of stuff in the guest bedroom; some boxes in the garage and the front closet to sort and we are done! Whole house gone through, purged, pitched and put away!

Got an email from my friend Dianne asking if I was going to the BBQ tomorrow because she has something she’s dying to give me. We are going to the BBQ and I am dying to see what she has. Dianne gives the coolest gifts and I could tell from her email she was really excited about this.

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Random Blather

First off, this kid of ours can really move! Unfortunately it always seems to be when I am trying to sleep. I swear last night he was having his own personal rugby game. Where it doesn’t help my sleeping any it is amazing and very comforting to feel him moving so much. If he moves this much out of the womb we’ll never get a good grip on him!

My aunt called me this morning to give me great news. She had rotator cuff surgery earlier this year and just got her final release from the doctor. She has done such a great job in her recovery. She’s sucked it up during physical therapy and is doing great, I’m so proud of her. She told me that she told the doctor she only had one concern. She has a new great nephew coming in October and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to pick him up. The doctor assured her she’d be more than able in October if she kept up with her exercises. She told me that she had decided worse case she could sit down and someone could hand her the baby… I can’t believe that this is what’s been worrying her… whether or not she could hold Robert! Brought tears to my eyes.

Jim and I went out to dinner tonight so I could get my favorite, chicken fried chicken. It really hit the spot. Tomorrow it’s tackling he house… ugh! But it has to be done.

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My How She’s Grown

Boy Harley has grown over the past 10 months. Last September she was just big enough to get her nose over the gate, we finally took it down a few months later because she would just jump it. She was so cute! She still has the same sweet face – just on a much bigger body! She was soooo happy when Jim got home last night. It was a good 15-20 minutes until I got a proper hello!

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I Feel Great!

I just got back from an interview. It went great. For one thing, there were none of the stupid “Tell me about a time you had an unhappy volunteer” or “Tell me about a time when you had a difficulty with a co-worker” questions that I hate. It lasted an hour and a half. I even wound up telling the woman at the end of the interview that I am pregnant and she assured me that that wasn’t a problem in her decision making but also opened the floor to a good discussion about “this isn’t always a 9-5 job” and I was able to let her know the great support system that I have and alleviate any fear that she has that odd schedule at times will be a problem.

I already have my thank you note in the mail and I’m crossing my fingers that I get a phone call next week.

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