Love these Layouts

I’m not sure what it is about these layouts that I love so much. I do really like the colors and the pictures remind me of that wonderful day that Florence Maines gave us full run of her beautiful pool because she knew we needed a day together. This is the first time I’ve done a digital layout by mirroring the pages, that was a lot of fun to do and a lot easier than I thought. Layout is a Simple Set by ksharonk; paper and embellishments are Heather Ann Design’s Summer Fun kit. I still have one more page to do with pictures that have both kids in them.

I was up literally all night last night battling reflux and a killer headache so I wound up sleeping all day today. Jim apparently decided the sleep would be best and spent the whole day making sure that nothing disturbed me. I finally woke up at 9pm tonight when the neighbors started setting off fireworks. To my delight when I came out my darling husband had spent his day doing laundry and housework. The kitchen had been totally cleaned and organized. The living room had been picked up and the carpet vacuumed and steam cleaned. The dining room table had been cleared off and everything put away and he had gone to both the City Market for veggies and the grocery store. What a guy! I appreciate his willingness to step up and pitch in when I’m not feeling good and to let me have time to get to feeling better. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight so I’m awake tomorrow.


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