Third in the Series

Finished the third layout of my Summer Fun series tonight. Thus completing my 30 layouts for June… yeah!!! I actually have three more layouts but two are waiting for pictures to be scanned and the third I can’t find where it is stored with all the changing I’ve done on the computers this month.

It’s 4:30am now and I’m debating whether to try to go to sleep or just stay awake and take Jim to breakfast in a few hours.

The dog and cat settled down about 1 and have been asleep ever since. Fireworks started in the neighborhood full force tonight so that’s got both of them on edge. Of course, KC has a zero tolerance fireworks policy meaning it’s illegal to set anything off within city limits and every year there are reports of how the police are going to really crack down but they never seem to. At least this year we’ve had so much rain that there aren’t the major fire hazards there normally are in July.


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