This guy…

…aside from being one of my favorite people on the face of the earth is also the most incredible husband ever. I thought I was feeling better yesterday. We got up early, went out to a nice breakfast, ran to Home Depot (our home away from home), everything was going great. Then we got home and my acid flared up bad. After a lot of quality time in the bathroom I was back on the couch. Jim, who had cleaned the living room, dining room and kitchen while I slept Saturday tackled the bedroom while I was down Sunday. He attached the headboard to the bed frame (since we finally found the frame hardware); got all the laundry done, polished the furniture and vacuumed. How great is that! I spend the weekend sick and come out of it with a spotless home. Well, with the exception of the bathrooms. That’s the one thing Jim absolutely will not clean. I’ll get them tomorrow.

He has a plan for his vacation days too, finish getting the winter clothes out of the guest room; tackle the downstairs storage closet and begin cleaning out RCs room. Hopefully I will be up and around all 5 days he is home and we can get it done in half the time. The Fourth of July I’m insisting we take for just the two of us and Friday we’ll be celebrating Donald’s 16th birthday.

Tonight he’s going to mow the lawn after work so I told him I’d make dinner… it’s the least I can do. We’re having lobster alfredo and salad. Our new neighbor who moved in a month ago FINALLY mowed their lawn today. I’m so grateful they finally did it without us having to complain.

It’s so great to have a supportive husband who is always willing to take up the slack when needed. I know he’s going to be such a great father. I can’t wait until the baby comes.
Harley was wound tighter than a toy top last night so I was up most of the night with her. She is sleeping today. I should wake her up but she just doesn’t seem to understand irony.

I need to get moving. I have a blood draw scheduled for today – maybe this one will come back normal and we can stop doing this. Afterwards I’ll stop at the grocery store and get the groceries we need then come home and wait for Jim.


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